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Lake Eustis Museum of Art Permanent Collection


Lake Eustis Museum of Art established a Permanent Collection early in its existence. The first exhibitor, Mollie Manaulkin, donated 18 paintings of Australian Aborigines as a cornerstone. Since then, the LEMA collection has built during the institution's history, and includes artworks from a different sources, including donation, acquisition, and bequest.
Exhibitions of the Permanent Collection occur periodically, usually during the summer months and showcasing award winning and donated works. Artists include: Henry Sinn, Earl Weydahl, Jr., Hooshang Khorasani, Princess Rashid, Patricia Zalisko, Betty Morris Parker, Robin Maria Pedrero, Donne Bitner, Dina Mack, Brigan Gresh, Stefan Alexandres, Douglas J. Nesbitt, KYLE, Parker Sketch, Cheryl Bogdanowitsch, and many others.